Install Afflib Tools in Kali Linux

In this article, we are going to learn about how to install afflib tools in Kali Linux 2022.4. The Advanced Forensic Format (AFF) is on-disk format for storing computer forensic information. Critical features of AFF include:

  • AFF allows you to store both computer forensic data and associated metadata in one or more files.
  • AFF allows files to be digital signed, to provide for chain-of-custody and long-term file integrity.
  • AFF allows for forensic disk images to stored encrypted and decrypted on-the-fly for processing. This allows disk images containing privacy sensitive material to be stored on the Internet.

This package provides the AFF Toolkit, that is a set of programs for working with computer forensic information. Using these tools you can:

  • Interconvert disk images between a variety of formats, including:
  • Compare disk images and report the data or metadata that is different.
  • Copy disk images from one location to another, with full verification of data, metadata, and the automatic generation of a chain-of-custody segment.
  • Find errors in an AFF file and fix them.
  • Print information about a file.
  • Print detailed statistics about a file
  • Generate a XML representation of a disk image’s metadata (for example, acquisition time or the serial number of the acquisition device).
  • Produce a XML “diskprint” which allows a disk image to be rapidly fingerprinted without having the computer the SHA1 of the entire disk.

The AFF Toolkit provides these executables: affcat, affcompare, affconvert, affcopy, affcrypto, affdiskprint, affinfo, affix, affrecover, affsegment, affsign, affstats, affuse, affverify and affxml.

Install afflib tools in Kali Linux

Install afflib tools Using apt

Update apt database with apt using the following command.

$ sudo apt update

Update Kali Linux After updating the apt database, We can install afflib tools using apt by running the following command:

$ sudo apt -y install afflib-tools

Install afflib tools Using apt-get

Update apt database with apt-get using the following command.

sudo apt-get update

After updating the apt database, We can install afflib tools using apt-get by running the following command:

$ sudo apt-get -y install afflib-tools

How To Uninstall afflib tools in Kali Linux

To uninstall only the afflib tools package we can use the following command:

$ sudo apt remove afflib-tools

Uninstall afflib tools And Its Dependencies

To uninstall afflib tools and its dependencies that are no longer needed by Kali Linux, we can use the command below:

$ sudo apt -y autoremove afflib-tools

Remove afflib tools Configurations and Data

To remove afflib tools configuration and data from Kali Linux we can use the following command:

$ sudo apt-get -y purge afflib-tools

Remove afflib tools configuration, data, and all of its dependencies

We can use the following command to remove afflib tools configurations, data, and all of its dependencies, we can use the following command:

$ sudo apt-get -y autoremove --purge afflib-tools



In this tutorial, we learn how to install afflib tools using different package management tools like apt and apt-get.


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