Nexphisher - Advanced Phishing Tool on Kali Linux

In this article, we are going to learn, how to Install Nexphisher on Kali Linux Step by step. Nexphisher is an Advanced Phishing Tool or Linux & Termux. Using this tool we can easily make many phishing links with the help of Tunneling. Like NGROK, LOCALHOSTRUN, etc. So let’s start.

Install Nexphisher on Kali Linux

Update Kali Linux

So first of all we have to update your Kali Linux. Using this command you can update your Kali Linux.

$ sudo apt update

Download the Nexphisher

$ git clone git://
Download the Nexphisher

Nexphisher installation

$ cd nexphisher
$ sudo ./setup
Install Nexphisher

Nexphisher installation Completed

When your installation is completed then you will get this windows on your terminal.

Nexphisher installation Completed

Nexphisher execution

To execute Ghost Framework you should execute the following command.

$ sudo ./nexphisher
Nexphisher execution


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Tunneling Options :

> Localhost (
> SERVEO ( [Currently Down]


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